October 12, 2018

MedEther Appointed Exclusive Representative of BAAPS in China


MedEther is proud to announce that we have been formally appointed as the Exclusive Representative of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) in China. As the exclusive representative, MedEther has established the first BAAPS China Representative Office in Shenzhen, with Mr Simon Withey (Immediate Past President of BAAPS & President of CPSA) as the Honorary Director and Dr Sanny Yuzhen Jiang as the Executive Director.


The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons at the Royal College of Surgeons, or as it is commonly known BAAPS aims to promote excellence in aesthetic plastic surgery by facilitating training in cosmetic surgery through annual meetings, where scientific papers are presented, and surgeons of international repute share their skills. Specifically, BAAPS is involved in developing and encouraging the practice of excellent standards of personal, professional and ethical conduct among British aesthetic plastic surgeons, especially BAAPS members who have been regarded as the best in their field. BAAPS also endeavour to develop stringent safety standards for quality assurance in both patient care and hospital management. BAAPS regularly facilitate the interchange of knowledge between qualified surgeons and trainees, which in turn stimulates ongoing training among both groups. In addition, part of BAAPS responsibilities focused on ensuring the right information about cosmetic surgery is easily accessible by patients. These efforts are centred around the idea that having a well-informed public and highly trained plastic surgeons will benefit the quality of service provided to the public.


The importance of these aims has encouraged BAAPS to raise the standards of Cosmetic Surgery on a global scale and they believe that the best way to achieve this is to work in partnership with many of the other associations and societies representing Aesthetic Surgery. Furthermore, BAAPS is actively involved in a series of projects at the Royal College of Surgeons for developing the certification system used to ensure that aesthetic plastic surgeons have met required standards and are involved in continual professional development.


BAAPS, together with its exclusive representative MedEther, will enable the world-renowned teaching and training standards of the UK to be brought to China along with the development of world-class medical facilities. This will assist with improving the standards of surgeons in China by ensuring they are provided with the highest levels of training as well as the quality of care available to Chinese patients.

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