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MedEther Education

As part of MedEther Education’s vision to transform global medicine we aim to create a network of shared knowledge between the UK and Chinese consultants, both in terms of a digital database and the direct transfer of knowledge through lectures, seminars, and exchange programmes.


MedEther Education’s Partners

In the UK, MedEther Education is working with a series of prestigious medical education institutions and skill-training service providers to develop online and offline courses for Chinese medical professionals.

In China, MedEther Education has established strategic partnership with China’s largest accredited CME (the equivalent of Continuous Professional Development) platform authorised by the National Health and Family Planning Commission (China’s Ministry of Health) to deliver CPD accredited education programs to more than 5 million users in China. This huge user base includes 1.84 million licensed doctors, 1.44 million licensed nurses and 1.86 million public health workers, doctors and pharmacists.

Our education programs are also delivered to more than 60 general and specialised hospitals across 20 provinces in China.

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MedEther is a platform connecting UK hospitals and senior medical professionals with a wide network of hospitals in more than 20 provinces of China and more than 5 million Chinese healthcare professionals.

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