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At MedEther we believe that everyone can gain new skills, new qualifications and renewed confidence by studying with us, and we’re passionate about making it happen.

For us, learning and development is all about what comes next – what are our students going to achieve with their new skills, and what kind of legacy will our in-company training create for our clients? Our focus is always on figuring out how we can deliver the greatest benefit.


We believe that training is not just about learning new skills or acquiring new knowledge. It’s about gaining confidence, taking on new challenges and realising your full potential. We’re ‘can-do’ people, and we’ve found that our attitude tends to rub off on everyone we work with.

MedEther In Education

As part of MedEthers Education vision to transform global medicine we aim to create a network of shared knowledge between the UK and Chinese consultants, both in terms of a digital database and the direct transfer of knowledge through lectures, seminars, and exchange programmes.

Adult Education Course

MedEther In Education's Partners

In the UK, MedEther Education is working with a series of prestigious medical education institutions and skill-training service providers to develop online and offline courses for Chinese medical professionals. Through UKRC, our UK global company we are able to bring these services together and bridge the gap between our partners, service suppliers and our clinical and service network.

In China, MedEther Education has established strategic partnership with China’s largest accredited CME (the equivalent of Continuous Professional Development) platform authorised by the National Health and Family Planning Commission (China’s Ministry of Health) to deliver CPD accredited education programs to more than 5 million users in China. This huge user base includes 1.84 million licensed doctors, 1.44 million licensed nurses and 1.86 million public health workers, doctors and pharmacists.

Our education programs are also delivered to more than 60 general and specialised hospitals across 20 provinces in China.


Our Global Partners

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We'd love to hear from you. 

Whether you are looking to enquire about our services in the UK, China or even the US simply get in touch with us and a member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.

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