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MedEther is a platform connecting UK hospitals and senior medical professionals with a wide network of hospitals in more than 20 provinces of China and more than 5 million Chinese healthcare professionals.

MedEther works with medical education and training organisations to help produce education programs that are accessible and understandable for Chinese healthcare professionals. We aim to create a network of shared knowledge between the UK and Chinese consultants, both in terms of a digital database and the direct transfer of knowledge through lectures, seminars, and exchange programs.

In clinical service, MedEther works with medical professionals in both the UK and China to provide cross-border co-management service to Chinese patients via organising both teleconsultation and visiting consultant programs.

MedEther has also recently established strategic partnership with some well-known Chinese organisations providing continuing medical education courses, including China’s largest platform, authorised by the National Health and Family Planning Commission (i.e. China’s ministry of health), to deliver CPD accredited education programs to more than 5 million users in China. This huge user base includes 1.84 million licensed doctors, 1.44 million licensed nurses and 1.86 million public health workers, community/village doctors and pharmacists.

We also help UK senior doctors explore and set up multiple practicing sites in China.

Since this year, jointly with Chinese Medical Doctor Association and our partner medical CPD course platforms, MedEther has launched a series of training and skill showcase events for Chinese medical professionals who have subspecialty interest in plastic surgeries, non-surgical aesthetic treatment and cosmetic medicine. We are now inviting senior plastic surgeons, dermatologists with cosmetic practice and medical aesthetic doctors to join us in this project and visit China for:


  1.  providing education/training/teaching to medical professionals

  2.  providing clinical services to high net-worth individuals or patients suffering complex medical conditions in China.

At the request from the regulatory bodies and our partner event organisers in China, MedEther is currently preparing an annual project plan listing event schedules including dates, invited speaker, planned topics, whether clinical days are involved in the trips, etc. A typical trip might involve 2-3 days in a single city, or a week covering courses/events in several cities in China. An event in one city typically comprises of one-day course (including video showcase and possibly case discussion), and one or more days of clinical case discussion, skill demonstration and clinical service provision. The events/courses will all be accredited with China’s national CPD.

If you are interested in participating in this fascinating project, please take the time to fill out the questions below.

If you are visiting China to give a one-day course about plastic surgical procedures, non-surgical aesthetic procedure and medical aesthetic treatment etc, what topics would you like to include in the one-day course?

Contents for each topic may cover theories, patient selection, design, procedure steps, complication management, skill demonstration or video showcase etc.

Are you interested in providing internation clinical services in China?
Do you have registered license for providing clinical services in China?
Do you need MedEther to help you arrange insurance in China?

Thanks, a member of our team will be in touch shortly


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Whether you are looking to enquire about our services in the UK, China or even the US simply get in touch with us and a member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.

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