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Establishment of the First CPSA-MedEther Training Base in China

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

The signing of a collaboration agreement between the Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority (CPSA), MedEther Group as CPSA’s Exclusive Representative in China, and MedEther’s strategic partner the Aimer Group took place on Thursday the 27th of September.

Dr Sanny Yuzhen Jiang (left) and Mr Simon Withey (right) inspecting CPSA-MedEther first training base in Shenzhen, China

The Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority (CPSA) was established to set evidence-based practice standards for non-surgical aesthetic procedures in the United Kingdom. MedEther, representing CPSA, will be working to help establish an accreditation system for cosmetic practitioners in China. The Aimei Group, as the trainer and business shareholder of over 10,000 beauty salons in China, is an ideal candidate to be the first to implement CPSA’s principles and plans for training cosmetic practitioners from aesthetic physicians to certified beauticians.

Mr Simon Withey, CPSA President

The event was attended on behalf of CPSA by its President Mr Simon Withey. Mr Withey, as a well-known and very accomplished plastic surgeon based in London, is the current President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Dr Sanny Yuzhen Jiang, CEO of MedEther Group (front left), with Ms Li Jinfeng, Chairwomen of Aimei Group (front middle)

Mr Withey spoke during the event and explained the history of CPSA as well as its role in non-surgical aesthetic industry in the United Kingdom. He highlighted the importance of CPSA for ensuring patient safety in the non-surgical aesthetic industry. He furthered discussed the importance of ensuring these same systems are established in China and that he looks forward to working with CPSA China Exclusive Representative MedEther and the Aimei Group to enable the development of a CPSA standards and an accredited training system fully reflecting these standards in China.

Mr Peter Fujun Li, Chairman of MedEther China (middle)

The MedEther Group see this agreement as another step in their goal of improving the standards of medical aesthetic practitioners in China.

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