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MedEther Sponsors the National Plastic Surgery Research Forum

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

As the exclusive sponsor and organisational collaborator, MedEther is pleased to announce the successful inaugural National Plastic Surgery Research Forum (NPSRF) held on Saturday the 30th of June at the Royal Free Hospital in London. The academic committee of NPSRF was chaired by Professor Ash Mosahebi from University College London. This comprehensive national research forum included presentations from a group of highly regarded plastic surgeons and academic opinion leaders in the plastic surgery research society from the United Kingdom and Europe, which provided the attending delegates an excellent opportunity to share their ideas, research and discuss advances occurring within the field of plastic surgery. The presenters included Professor Roy Saunders (Honorary Professor at the University College London, Founder of Medical Research Charity – RAFT), Professor Peter Butler (Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University College London, Director of Charles Wolfson Centre for Reconstructive Surgery at the Royal Free Hospital), Professor Mark Lowdell (Director of Cellular Therapeutics and Royal Free Hospital/University College London cancer Biobank, Co-founder of INmune Bio), Professor Simon Myers (Clinical Senior Lecturer in Plastic Surgery at Barts & The London Medical School, Honorary Consultant in Plastic Surgery at Barts & The London NHS trust), Professor Mikael Wiberg (Professor/Consultant Hang Surgeon at Umeå University) and Professor Steven Jeffery (Professor of Wound Study Birmingham City University, Co-founded the Woundcare 4 Heroes charity).

Chair of NPSRF academic committee, Professor Ash Mosahebi from University College London and MedEther Project Manager Richard Johnston

Presentation topics varied from the regulation of cell and tissue therapies, wound imaging, importance of scar assessment to advances in prosthetic limb reconstruction, and the repair and regeneration of tissue. It was encouraging to see lively debates between the delegate audience and the presenters following the presentations, as it highlighted their desire to spark further discussions and thinking around each of the topics.

MedEther was honoured to sponsor this research forum as we saw it as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our support for research and the presentation of ideas, as these are essential elements for advancing knowledge. We felt that this research forum really aligned with our goals of providing high quality services to clients using researched based cutting-edge technology and expertise.

We are already looking forward to being involved in sponsoring the National Plastic Surgery Research Forum in 2019.

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